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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm sure you all have had one - a project you need to get done that is going to be a gift. On a deadline. One that you are not necessarily all 'that into' stitching. Ugh - how do you do it? I need help . . .

This is for a Golden Wedding Anniversary in June. I truly love my Aunt and Uncle, and I'm sure they will love the piece, but I have spent too many years as a GA (graphic artist) and doing cross stitch type makes me CRAZY. I have to have it all line up exactly perfectly and look flawless. Right now I'm wrestling with graph paper trying to figure it all out.

AND there really isn't much cross stitching to be done in the piece at all - most of it is backstitching of the leaves. I usually pick designs with minimal BS! This is another reason why I love HAED and Mirabilia.

Yes, I chose the design from my LNS, but mainly it was because it will look good as a pillow (it was square). That's my Mom's job, getting it made into the pillow, and she's going to have her friend do it! Talk about easy - and the gift will be from both of us.

To add insult to injury, then I have to redo this design as a SILVER Anniversary design for my cousin (Mom's idea). Their anniversary is also in June.

I definitely need to start this by the weekend - tomorrow is my HAED SAL day and I'm not sacrificing that! And as another way to procrastinate, I started yet ANOTHER stitch blog!

(the other is Stitch-mas)

And I really need to get going on those projects too! Boo hoo! (get it - boo?)

Peace, Love & Happiness!

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Wendy said...

Well it sure will look wonderful when it is finished! I know the problem. I have to stitch a stocking for my aunt her granddaughter. I don't know why but I don't feel like stitching it. I didn't stitch on it yet :(

Kathy said...

Well I guess all I can say is try and concentrate and Good Luck. :)

When I have a deadline to stitch for I usually do drop all other stitching projects and concentrate on the one that HAS to be finished. It usually works for me.

Mel said...

Looks like a lovely pattern. I have stitched quite a few on deadlines and generally I stop working on all other projects and get it done. (though maybe do just fridays on your HAED and every other day you have on this?)
best of luck!

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