Bedtime Friends

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Little Stitches by Mirabilia

"Bedtime Friends" #LS-2 cross stitch was stitched for my DD Grace (and needs to be ironed). I began this project in 2000 when I was pregnant with her, and got about as far as stitching the flower garland. Last year I began to work on it again and finally finished!

The polka-dots in the curtains are done with the shiny silver DMC floss. I find it a bit difficult to work with because it's pretty stiff, and I had to jump around with it.

The beading went pretty quickly because they were all the same color - iridescent - and used the same floss color. It looks really gorgeous and sparkly under my OTT-light. You just have to adore the little teddy bear!

UFO now means unFRAMED object!

I included these pics from the Mirabilia website because I actually stitched these projects also, but had no good photos to share. "Crescent Dreams" #LS-3 was stitched as shown, except no pink (substitute blue) because it was for baby boy Corey S. His mother Diane was a co-worker at the time and I was pregnant with Grace. I did this as a baby shower gift for her.
"On Grandmother's Quilt" #LS-4 was stitched after Grace was born, for my boss Susie's baby girl, Elizabeth C. Another shower gift. The Mill Hill treasure beads used on these truly help make them special. Ahhh . . . memories . . .

Time to get back to my needle & floss.

Itching For More Stitching!

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Kathy said...

I absolutely LOVE Bedtime Friends. It is precious. Fantastic finish.

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